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Services and Fees

Fees are based on a percentage of the monthly rent of the property, for example, the fee for an inventory for an unfurnished house rented at £750.00 per month will be 12% of that figure i.e. £90.00. 


Minimum fee is £80.00 per job except for mid term inspections which are a set price. VAT is not charged.


Please see the table below for a summery of all fees. Please also contact us with details for a quote if needed.


Property type

Inventory only

Inventory update*

Inventory and check in

Check out

Mid term inspection


Part furnished**

12% of monthly rent

Half of inventory fee

15% of monthly rent

10% of monthly rent


Fully furnished

20% of monthly rent

23% of monthly rent

18% of monthly rent

*An update of an inventory previously produced by Ark Inventories, and if the property has not been subject to renovations or major changes.

**Part furnished means a few large items of furniture i.e. tables, chairs, sofas, beds etc.


 A small extra fee will be charged if an inspection is booked to take place on a Sunday and also if the location is further than 1 hour round trip from Taunton. Lofts and cellars are not included. For commercial properties please ask for a quote.

About our reports


We use InventoryBase, a software programme made especially for property inventory professionals. Our reports are clear, concise, accurate and emailed to the client in pdf format within 2 working days of the inspection but quite often on the same day.


Referenced, time stamped colour photographs are included as standard. All keys are listed and photographed, meter readings taken, and smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms are tested along with light bulbs, extractor fans and cooker hoods. Please get in touch if you would like to see a sample report. 


At check in the tenant is briefly taken through the inventory at the property and any issues can be discussed there and then. After the keys are handed over, a signed declaration is emailed to the client with check in meter readings.


Mid term inspections are done quickly and efficiently, and a report is sent to the client with information regarding cleanliness, tidiness and any issues observed or raised by the tenant at the inspection. 


At check out, the property is fully inspected against the check in inventory and a new delapidation report is emailed to the client with referenced colour photographs along with liability recommendations. If the tenant is present at the inspection, all keys are collected and delivered back to the client.


We are happy to arrange any appointments direct with the tenant if needed. Please call Sarah on 01823 330873 or 07867 413484 if you think we may be able to help with your inventory requirements.



To book one or more specific services, please use our booking form or contact us by telephone or email.

For any general enquiry contact us or use our enquiry form.

All reports are provided back to the client within 2 working days. 

If you wish to see a sample report please get in touch and we will be happy to email one to you.

Please note: we do not charge VAT. Lofts and cellars will not be included in any reports. We will notify you of any further charges on booking (for example, out of hours cases).

A fee of £25.00 may apply if a job cannot be completed for any reason out of the inventory clerk's control when arriving at a property.

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